Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fanart edition.

These two pictures are pretty recent, one being drawn maybe about a week ago...and the other being drawn after I've had quite a bit of alcohol (the smoo made me do it). The characters are bunu's, from her series. The picture of Tabitha (below) is older, while the picture of Blaec (belower) is one that I just did and scanned.

Tabitha looking over a deck or balcony or something...don't much like this one.

Blaec doing an action pose with kukri. Apparently alcohol makes me want to draw action poses more than usual.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old and new.

Here are some pictures that I didn't really show many people but have had in my photobucket (sorry for specks etc. due to dirty scanner):

An older pic of an old OC, Kisu

A failed watercolor of bunu's OC, Tabi (wrong type of paper, severely ruined haaa)

A pretty recent series of OC images; top left, Kuroko, top right fail, bottom left fail, bottom right, Deco.

The other side of the previous image, left, moi, right, Roux.

The smoo made me do it.

My besfren Mandy made me work on my sketchblog. She'd forgotten it existed, which is one problem in itself, but on top of that, people are constantly naysaying about how I "never draw". Well, I've decided to show people what I actually do but never show...and for good reason. I've got about 30 pages worth of sketches ranging from sizes like 3x5 in. to slightly larger than 8.5 x 11 (I know this because they don't fit in any of my scanners) and varying from a single image to a cluttered mess of overlapping images (I don't like wasting paper). This was more or less an introduction of what's to come; the next post'll feature sketches that I already have uploaded.